2013 Meets
District 1

11/3 & 11/4  Boston Poultry Expo,
Oxford, MA
District 2

9/9 Twin Tier Poultry Show, Bath NY
Contact Robert Whitney
District 3

11/10 & 11/11 The Ohio National,
Columbus, OH
District 4

The Bluegrass Show
District 5

9/21 & 22 Wisconsin International
Poultry Show, Portage, WI
Contact Terry Lund
District 6

10/20   Rocky Mountain Feather
Fancier's Show.  Denver, CO.  
Contact: Brenda Strong @
District 7

12/8-9  Oklahoma State Poultry
Federation Show. Shawnee, OK.  
Contact: geismccloud@aol.com
District 8

11/16-17  Northern Nevada Youth &
Open Poultry Show.  Reno, NV.  
Contact: bitmorefarm@gmail.com
District 9

11/17 & 11/18  Washington Feather
Fanciers Fall Show
  District 10

9/8  Northwest Georgia Poultry Club
Show, Calhoun, GA
2012 District Meets
1/12-13  Florida Sunshine Classic, Lake City, FL (DISTRICT 10 MEET)
1/19-20  Northeast Poultry Congress (STATE MEET)

2/2  NWGA Poutry Club Show, Dalton, GA.
2/16-17  Chattahoochee Valley Poultry Assn. Show, Newman, GA.

3/9-10  West Central Ohio Poultry Club 2nd Annual Show,
   Auglaize County Fairgrounds, Wapakoneta, OH.  
3/16  Heartland Classic, Union Co. Fairgrounds, Anna, IL.
3/30   NorCal Poultry Assn. Show, Tehama County Fairgrounds, Red Bluff, CA.
3/30-31   Delmarva Poultry Fancier's Club Show, Harrington, DE.,
   Contact richbar302@gmail.com

4/6  Bluegrass Poultry Assn. Spring Show, Frankfort Fairgrounds, Frankfort, KY
    Contact Mary Short at 859-274-3337
4/13  Dixie Classic-Tennessee Valley Poultry Club, Knoxville Fairgrounds, Knoxville, TN
    Contact Cynthia Walker at 865-207-6891 or type2012@gmail.com
4/13  Gateway Poultry Show, Bloomington, IN., Contact p.saucer@ccrtc.com
4/13  York Co. Poultry Fancier's Show, York, PA., Contact Tom Topper at
4/20  Central Louisiana Poultry Club Show, Jennings, LA.,
    Contact maddiwilliams@yahoo.com
4/20 Missouri State Poultry Assoc. Spring Show, Missouri State Fairgrounds, Sedalia, MO,
    Contact Bernita Miller at 660-647-2247
4/21  Uniontown Poultry Assn. Show, Uniontown, PA., (DOUBLE SHOW),
    Contact Jay at 724-553-0610
4/27  VSPA Spring Show, Dickson, TN., Contact Tim Shelton
4/27-28  Cornhusker Poultry Club Show (DOUBLE), Dodge Co. Fairgrounds,
    Scribner, NE., Contact Brett Kreifels at 402-679-1174 or Poultryguy@hotmail.com

5/4  Central Illinois Poultry Club Show, IL, Contact Randy Johnson at 815-303-7192
5/4-5  Spring Fowl Fest, Birch Run, MI (STATE MEET)
5/5  New England Bantam Club Show
5/10-11  United Poultry Fancier's Spring Show, Avoca, IA., Contact Diana at
5/18  Kentuckiana Poultry Show, Shelby Co. Fairgrounds, Shelbyville, KY.,
Contact R.H. Bennett at 502-664-0870 or rbennet57@mac.com
5/19  Little Rhody Show, (STATE MEET)
5/26  Central Main Bird Fancier's Show, ME (STATE MEET)
5/25-26  Southern Ohio Poultry Assn. Spring Show, Sciota Fairgrounds, Lucasville, OH.,
    Contact David Adkins @ johndavid.adkins@gmail.com.

6/1  Il-Mo Spring Show, Highland, IL, Contact Dan Titchenal
6/8  Buckeye Fancy Feather Club Show, Canfield Fairgrounds, Canfield, OH,
    Contact Rhoda Simmons at rjos2256@gmail.com

8/7-18   Erie Co. Fair, Hamburg, NY
8/15-25  Kentucky State Fair, Kentucky Exposition Center, Louisville, KY
    www.kystatefair.org, contact Alice Hayse at KFFCEntry@ksfb.ky.gov or 502-367-5190
8/18  Union Fair Show
8/17-24  Crawford County Fair, Fairgrounds, Meadville, PA

9/7  Buffalo & WNY Poultry Assn. Show, Bath, NY (DISTRICT 2 MEET)
9/7-8  Illinois Poultry Club Show, Belvidere, IL, Contact Ruth VanFleet
9/8  Twin Tier Poultry Club Show, Bath, NY
9/20-21  Mason City, IA
9/26-29  Deerfield Fair Show
9/28  Tulsa State Fair - Contact Mike Geis at geismcloud@aol.com
9/28-29  Wisconsin International Poultry Club Show, Portage, WI (DISTRICT 5 MEET)

10/4  W. Central Wisconsin Pigeon & Poultry Show, Menomonie, WI,
    Contact Dan Paff at 715-723-2750
10/5-6  Southern Ohio Poultry Assn. Fall Show, Sciota Fairgrounds, Lucasville, OH,
    Contact David Adkins @johndavid.adkins@gmail.com.  
10/5  Red River Bantam Club Show, Decatur, TX
    Contact Al Walker at Alwalker47@gmail.com
10/6  Rochester Poultry Assn. Show, Mumford, NY
10/6  Central Main Bird Fancier's Show/ME
10/11-12  Fall Fowl Fest, Birch Run, MI (DISTRICT 3 MEET)
10/12  Green River Poultry Show, Edmonson County Fairgrounds, Brownsville, KY
    Contact Randy Graham, 4516 Oak Hill Rd., Bowling Green, KY, 270-597-3866
10/13  New Hampshire Poultry Fancier's Show, NH
10/19  Central Indiana Poultry Show, Boone County Fairgrounds, Lebanon, OH
     Contact Ron Patterson at rpatter815@embarqmail.com
10/19  Newcastle, OK - Contact Scoots Hames at hames@pldi.net
10/19-20  Pacific Northwest Poultry Show, Vancouver/Ridgefield, WA (DISTRICT 9 MEET)
     Clark Country Fairgrounds, Event Center - Hall B
10/20  Little Rhody Show
10/26  Bluegrass Poultry Association, Frankfort Fairgrounds, Frankfort, KY (STATE MEET)
    Contact Mary Short at 859-274-3337
10/26-27  Minnesota State Poultry Show (NATIONAL MEET) Fairgrounds, Hutchinson, MN

11/2  HOTOPA Double Show, Fayetteville, AR
   Contact Jacob Bates at jakeab42@hotmail.com
11/2-3  Boston Poultry Expo, Boston, MA (DISTRICT 1 MEET)
11/2-3  Nebraska Poultry Show (IWBA Western Dist. Show)
   Lancaster Event Center, Lincoln, NE
   Contact gilavina@hotmail.com
11/10-11  Ohio National, Columbus, OH (STATE MEET)
11/17  New England Bantam Club Show (STATE MEET)
11/19-20  Uniontown Poultry Assn. Show (DOUBLE SHOW), Uniontown, PA,
 Contact Jay at 724-553-0610
11/23  Upper Cumberland Fancy Feather Show (STATE MEET)
 Putnam Co. Fairgrounds, Cookeville, TN
 Contact David Rose, 520 Lowe Rd., Crossville, TN 38572,
 931-788-6676, rosewood1@citlink.net
11/23  VA Poultry Breeders Association, Caroline Co. Fairgrounds, Ruther Glen, VA
   (STATE MEET)  http://virginiapoultrybreeders.weebly.com/index.html,
   Contact Tom Roebuck, Jr., 26341 Old Mill Rd., Unionville, VA 22567
   540-854-0881, goldenfeatherfarm@gmail.com
11/23-24  Eastern Iowa Poultry Show, Iowa City, IA (STATE MEET)
11/30  Forsyth Fowl Fanciers, Dixie Classic Fairgrounds, Winston-Salem, NC (STATE MEET)
   Contact Mark East, PO Box 17151, Winston-Salem, NC 27116,
   336-341-9281, statefan10@yahoo.com
11/30  Red Hill Bantam Club Show, Carmel, IL
    Contact Christina Haner at 812-598-1755
11/30  South Central Oklahoma Poultry Club - Double Show
    Contact Matt Glass at mrglassmaker@yahoo.com

12/7-8  Dixie Classic-Tennessee Valley Poultry Club Show,
    Knoxville Fairgrounds, Knoxville, TN (DISTRICT 4 MEET)  
    Contact Cynthia Walker at 865-207-6891/type2012@gmail.com
12/14  Oklahoma State Poultry Show, Shawnee, OK (DISTRICT 7 MEET)
    Contact Derrel Fowler at derell_fowler@yahoo.com
Updated September 20, 2013